Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Goal: All Things Amusing, Interesting, Thought-Provoking. Music Reviews. And Pics. Presented With Fun For Means of Discussion

This is me:

Look at that face. So confused. So troubled. Sure, at this moment I'm wondering where the disc golf course is supposed to be amongst this dung covered field, but I COULD be wondering about so much more. So many thoughts cross this poor boy's mind, like how did the Black Eyed Peas get so big? And how come when I'm eating the ice from my soda there's always one cube left at the bottom of the cup? Seriously, why is there always one?

Now I suppose I'm no different than most people who start a blog. Blogs seem to chiefly be diaries for other people to read, since I certainly see no advantage in writing something only I can read. Will people read it? Who knows. Buuuuut, if they don't, then it's just a diary, right? That's the worst case scenario.

Topics include:

- What's up
- What I think about what's up
- Politics, theology, and other topics that are good to discuss
- Music. Lots of music recommendations from my adventures across the internet sifting through music blogs and other resources.
- Videos which I find hilarious
- Probably other things

Random samples! From each category!

- What's up

Today I tried to go fishing. I thought I'd fish at CJ Strike Dam and catch a trout and then eat said trout. Ambitious! In the military we often find that there are certain procedures we have to go through to get state licenses when we are not technically residents. I am, after all, a taxpaying resident of Washington, and therefore don't have the same cheaper access privileges that Idahoans do to Idaho. Fortunately for me, they smile upon the military and give us "resident" licenses so long as we get forms signed by our leadership saying that, yes, we are indeed in the military, and, yeah, we live here, and, sure, we can fish. Good right? Here's where I went wrong though. I figured that I only had to do this once. Last year I bought my license with my military form signed off, and I figured I could just renew this licenese. Not true. I have to start the process over. So instead of going fishing today I came home, and, apparently, started a blog.

- What I think about's what's up
That's just dumb. I already proved I was military and live in Idaho. This system is highly ineffeicient and wasteful and could use some streamlining. As a certified Six Sigma Greenbelt I could do some serious wonders to the Idaho Fish and Game Department's processes, and save many people a lot of time in the long run. Hire me as an independent consultant, Idaho Fish and Game Department!

- Politics, theology, and other good things to discuss

How about that Icelandic volcano, eh? A gorgeous displays of God's power on display if you ask me. It does amuse me sometimes that the world can create marvelous things like transcontinental air travel, and then God and nature remind us all that they still can just shut us down if they feel like it. People are stuck all over the place now. Obama can't go to Poland, bands are cancelling gigs at festivals, and people are losing money having to extend their vacations in foreign countries. The bright side? Pictures like this.
- Music
The music that's been burning up my car's cd player and office includes mostly three bands lately: Broken Bells, The Antlers, and Freelance Whales. Broken Bells is a side project of indie legend James Mercer of The Shins in which he teams up with Danger Mouse. The Antlers are a small outfit that put together one of the most moving albums I've ever heard, centering around a friend dying in the hospital. And Freelance Whales are a perfect synthesis of indie and pop. Samples below!
- Videos which I find hilarious
And that's it folks! Of course, most posts will center on only one of these topics. Read at your own peril.


  1. Derek, I am so glad you have decided to blog once again. I've been saying you should for years (really I have... remember that time on MySpace? Who's even ON MySpace anymore?)

    I love that you have broken it right down & let all of your many readers know all the different categories of things that you might choose to write about. Now here's what I'd like to see... embedded videos (it's really quite simple), and to simplify things even more, try Windows Live Writer (though I'm SURE you have knowledge of this program already)

  2. I bow to the cutomer demands! I'll get better at the format and embedding videos. Not familiar with Windows Live Writer, but I'll check it out.