Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello Friday! Of Cheap Concerts and Chicory.

If Friday was a person, I’m quite certain that Friday would look like this:Alexis Bledel! Yes, I may get in trouble for this. But if I do it’s just proof that my wife reads my blog. So, in sum, two options here:

1) I don’t get in trouble

2) My wife reads my blog

Both are victories if you ask me!

Tonight I go to a concert for two small up-and-coming indie bands (As Tall As Lions and Bear Hands). The plus side to seeing small bands in small venues? $$$$ Yup. Dollars. This concert is $12. I know some people going to see Daughtry tonight for more than $100. Now, all respect to the bald American Idol dude, but I wouldn’t pay more than $25 to see him yell about going home.

chicory Alright, before I change into some kickin’ threads I must discuss the cup of coffee I had this morning. Today my main partner in crime at work decided that we would try a new coffee with “chicory” in it. I’ll try anything, which can be bad. And it was. Oh so bad. Wikipedia says that chicory is a “bushy perennial herd with blue or lavender flowers”. Sounds pretty. I support leaving it looking pretty and never grounding it into coffee. Both my mouth and stomach agree that I will never again try coffee with chicory in it. Gross.


  1. Shame on you! What if someone tattles on you? Then your wife doesn't read your blog AND you get in trouble.