Tuesday, April 20, 2010

R.I.P. Seven Tumbleweeds That Got Owned By My Saturn Ion This Afternoon


A beautiful day has given way to wind and then given way to a large thunderstorm. Weird night. But the satellite feed is still doing just fine, so I’m watching my glorious Seattle Mariners play. Winning 5 out of 6 has gotten me in a good mood.

So anyhow, in the random thought department, is there any worse place to buy music than Walmart? My goodness. It’s basically nothing except for country, rap, and whatever genre you put the emotionally-sensitive-yet-totally-hardcore bands like Nickelback. I try to be fair. I’m not expecting them to carry bands like The Antlers or even My Morning Jacket. But no MGMT? I thought “Time to Pretend” was big enough to at least get MGMT’s new album stocked at Walmart. But I guess I either need to develop a taste for Toby Keith, Justin Beiber, and Three Days Grace or I should just stop expecting them to stock my albums. (Speaking of Justin Beiber…his fan base is basically under 13 and over 35…I wonder what he thinks of himself and his “craft”.)

On a related note, here’s a song choice of the day for you. I’m not ALL about the unknown bands, so here’s a choice for you off of the mostly disappointing Lifehouse album. Despite not liking the overall album, I love this song and think you will too.

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