Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sasquatch Daily Blog: Day 1!

Wow, what a day. I just woke up and I feel like I got hit by a bus. And that was just day #1! Two more days to go. But what a great day #1!!!

IMG_2097 IMG_2098 IMG_2102

Started off the morning with a little delicious breakfast with Holly, Seth, and Anna at a place that’s been open since 1892. Then we headed out to Sasquatch, where a local Portland band crashed the scene and played an impromptu, free concert while we waited in line. This is why I love festivals.

The first few bands weren’t all that special. The first bunch that played included Dawes, Laura Marling, and Morning Teleportation. Morning Teleportation was interesting just to watch the crowd that it drew:

IMG_2109 One of the bigger conflicts of the day was early on, with Mumford & Sons vs. Minus the Bear, so I left Holly at Mumford & Sons and left to see Minus the Bear after just two songs.

IMG_2129 IMG_2132

Oh, and Holly found a guy with a hamburger on his shirt and decided that he was missing a pickle.

IMG_2119This would be just one of the many pictures that Holly would take with people because of how they were dressed (I guess I did too…). Some samples!

IMG_2121 IMG_2143


One cool feature at the Sasquatch Festival is the autograph booth, which allows you to meet and greet your favorite artists. Who would have that just two weeks after I wrote a review on my blog about how good The National’s new album was that I would actually be able to tell them how good their album was and thank them for making my commute in May awesome. I also got this picture with the lead singer!

IMG_2135The best part of the day was still getting to watch on my very favorite bands of all time—The Hold Steady—from the front row. And it turned out to be the most amazing show ever. I was front and center with my t-shirt on rocking with other diehard fans of The Hold Steady. The concert was so exhilarating it ended with high fives and bro hugs.  

IMG_2147 IMG_2152 IMG_2160

Oh, and that alien guy from earlier? He crowd surfs too.


Also caught performances from Broken Social Scene (I’ve put “World Sick” on here before), The Middle East, and a little bit of Vampire Weekend and Nada Surf. Then the sun set, and headliner began.

IMG_2165 IMG_2180 IMG_2181

The headliner for the night was My Morning Jacket, and they were amazing. Those guys know what they are doing. Holly was starting to feel like she was going to fall over, so we caught the second half of the show on the lawn while Seth and Anna finished off the show in the main area.

IMG_2189By the end of the day, this is how we felt. And this is how I still feel…

IMG_2192  Which makes this video, taken as we exited and walked by the, uh, “interesting” Deadmau5 concert, even more amusing…

And that was just Day #1! Now on to Day #2!

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  1. The Deadmau5 video makes me happy. Holly, you are a funny lady!