Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sasquatch or Bust: A Sasquatch Festival TravelBlog!!!

Gooooooood morning everyone!!! So today is the big day. But if you followed my facebook status updates yesterday (of course you did!) then you’ll know it was no picnic getting here. It all started with my Saturn Ion refusing to start in the Walmart parking lot. After getting jumped by my Squadron Commander (who was randomly there shopping as well), the car seemed okay, but I lost faith in it getting us to Sasquatch. Only problem is that my other car—the Isuzu Rodeo—currently had duct tape and cling wrap over the back window. Not exactly 6 hour drive material.

So one stop on the side of the freeway to remove cling wrap and one Boise Airport rental car later, we were on our way.

IMG_2084 (Holly points out the duck tape holding up her window)

We stopped for Chinese food at the best Chinese food place in the world, according to its name:

IMG_2089 We drove and drove and drove that Hyundai Elantra and now here we are, Ellensburg, Washington, where they shape towels into elephants and leave them on our beds.

IMG_2096 We’ll be going to breakfast here soon and then hitting up the festival. I’m basically like a little kid on Christmas morning right now.

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