Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Blog Time! Of Car Trouble, Carnitas, Amy Adams, and Things That Mildly Bother Me

Presenting a list of things that have happened concerning my cars in very recent history:

1) Rodeo – Right front window’s electronic power control stops working. Attempts to fix left window down. Duct tape utilized to fix.


2) Rodeo – Father borrows car to move sister’s items out of apartment. Back window shatters.

3) Saturn – Starts refusing to start intermittently. Battery replaced. Seems to be fine.

4) Rodeo – Dash light renders speedometer unreadable at night. Replacement successful, but attempts to replace knocks off plastic cover that shows what gear you’re in. Scotch tape/ingenuity enable a fix.


5) Saturn – Despite battery replacement car decides not to start at Walmart on day of Sasquatch Festival departure. Car taken to shop. Fix pending.

6) Rodeo – Rodeo experiences power drain. Could not jump. Car currently sitting in driveway awaiting tow. Fix pending.

End result – No cars!!!!!


If I make it through tomorrow without going to the taco truck for carnitas tacos then it will break an impressive streak of weekends. Not having a car will deter, but not necessarily prevent.


Currently watching “Doubt”….Amy Adams is adorable.


On the heels of the “Five Things I Don’t Like” post, I bring you the “Five Things That Bother Me in a Very Minor Way”:

1) That when you eat the ice after a soda there’s always one little piece of ice that gets stuck at the bottom and lingers there.

2) Washing crusted cheese off of plates

3) Clarinets

4) Nuts in brownies

5) When people leave stickers on their hats


Finally, a song recommendation by way of Band of Horses. This one is called “For Annabelle”.

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