Monday, June 21, 2010

This Changes EVERYTHING!!!

Does anyone even use Yahoo! anymore? It’s been my frontpage for a long time, although I’d still rather search with Bing and Google. Call it comfort if you will. I’m like the old guy that goes to the same place every day and order the same thing when it comes to internet frontpages. One thing Yahoo! is good at is the random little tidbits of knowledge they post, like “25 Things Not to Say During an Interview” or “5 Best Ranch Dressings”. But when I found this one, it changed my life:

“Should You Pre-rinse Your Dishes Before Loading the Dishwasher?”

The answer? No, you should not. Wait, what? Then why do I always do it??? Why does Holly always do it? Why does my mom always do it? Why does Holly’s mom always do it?

Experts unanimously agree that you should NOT pre-rinse your dishes before loading the dishwasher.

Why not? Because your dishes will not get any cleaner if you rinse them before loading your dishwasher. Pre-rinsing is therefore a complete waste of time, water, energy, and money.

Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE time, water is DELICIOUS, energy costs MONEY, and money can BUY THINGS. And buy not pre-rinsing my dishes I can increase my surplus in all these things?

My life has forever changed.


I’ve been watching a little World Cup action despite not being a big soccer fan. But the World Cup is kind of like the Olympics, where you can at least pull for your country despite not caring about the sport. I mean, seriously, when else do you watch bobsledding with such intensity. I have a few problems with soccer. For one, it’s like hockey without the hitting, and I don’t think hockey is that great in the first place. Second, why don’t they tell you how much extra time is left? That’s just dumb. Third, I don’t get offsides, which is why I like this video so much.


One of the bigger stupid things out there is cell phones on planes and the insistence that everyone power down because it "could interfere with the instruments in the cockpit”. The first clue you should get that this isn’t true is the fact that they trust you to do it yourself and don’t ever check to make sure they are off. If it really interfered with the instrumentation in the cockpit you can be pretty certain you would have to put your cell phone in a little bin or something, not keep it securely on in your pocket. I’ve done some internet research, including here, here, and here. The truth, in sum:

The airlines fear "crowd control" problems if cell phones are allowed in flights. They believe cell phone calls might promote rude behavior and conflict between passengers, which flight attendants would have to deal with. The airlines also benefit in general from passengers remaining ignorant about what's happening on the ground during flights, including personal problems, terrorist attacks, plane crashes and other information that might upset passengers.

One way to deal with callers bothering noncallers would be to designate sections of each flight where calling is allowed -- like a "smoking section." But the ban is easier.

The airlines’ answer is that not enough conclusive testing has been done. But of course, without any motivation, why would they test?

I’m not advocating that you keep your cell phone switched on when you’re flying, but I am advocating that you roll your eyes when they make the request.


Song of the day is “Five Little Rooms” by Menomena.


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