Thursday, August 5, 2010

Travel Blog Day 1!

The route: Mountain Home, Idaho to Jackson, Wyoming.

Miles: 326

States seen: Idaho, Wyoming


Day one is in the books! It started with these happy and well-fed customers hopping into a Saturn Ion and driving away from good old Mountain Home with nary a tear. Well fed you ask? That was courtesy of Bri Choate, who helped us start the morning with some amazing waffles and some delicious coffee.

IMG_3043 IMG_3045

  Now I’ll admit the first half of the trip was not so good. Jalepeno, our esteemed rear feline passenger, didn’t adapt so well to the first hour or so of the trip. This was coupled by Idaho scenery and location that we had, in fact, seen before, making this phase of the adventure less than adventurous. But would the journey be good for you if you were in this cage and looking at this?

IMG_3056      IMG_3048 

Seriously. Look how upset he looks. Wow.

The first real gold mine achievement of the day occurred when we hit 80,000 miles on the odometer. Watch as the anticipation and celebration occur:

IMG_3050 IMG_3051 IMG_3052 IMG_3053

I, uh, pulled over for that last picture………*cough*

I then learned two things:

1) Five Guys and Fries is pretty darn good, and the Pocatello (I’ll poke YOUR tello….) branch has a lady who works the lobby who is particularly awesome. She greeted us at the door by telling us how wonderful it is to eat there, helped us into a corner spot with our cat on the floor, and then yelled outside when we were getting in the car to wish us a good trip. Five Guys and Fries, Pocatello Branch, I approve.

2) Eastern Idaho. It ain’t bad! Look at this nice picture. Notice a foreign color to Southern Idaho (green).


It really isn’t that far to Jackson Hole, and the drive over Teton pass is spectacular, albeit a little less spectacular when you are behind a classic automobile that can’t accelerate and an RV who takes every turn at 25 MPH (just sayin…). And little did we know that our $119 Motel 6 would be this nice?

I learned another thing tonight at the Snake River Brewing Company during dinner. I learned that their slogan should be “We Have Award Winning Microbrews, So It’s Okay That Our Food is Average, Right?”. Booooo, Snake River Brewing Company and your generic fish and chips and cilantro-heavy coleslaw.

We finished off the day with some Jackson Hole window shopping. Holly, wanted to get an old time photo, so she asked me if we could have one.


I let her know that my camera can take old time photos too!


She thought that answer was bollocks…


So I bought her fudge instead!


So long as the motels in Douglas, Wyoming has Wi-Fi, I’ll see you tomorrow night with Travel Blog Day 2!

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  1. My sister and law saw Jars of Clay in 5 Guys in Kalispell last year. And i've heard it's quite the restaurant...looking forward to day 2!