Friday, August 6, 2010

Travel Blog Day 2! (This time with videos!)

The route: Jackson, Wyoming to Douglas, Wyoming

Miles: 371

States seen: Wyoming


The advantage of taking your sweet time on a road trip/move to Dayton is that you can actually spend a good amount of time exploring the sights along the way. Thus today we did a full drive-thru tour of Grand Teton National Park and decent impromptu detour through middle-of-nowhere Wyoming.

But first things first, I started the day off in the parking lot of the visitors center, where I prevented a collision. That’s right. Booya. Straight up got one lady to stop. She then accused the other lady of “backing into her”, to which I told the lady that, no, they backed into each other. But hey, in the end, no one hit anyone. Problem solva’!

So the Grand Tetons. Pretty much amazing. I can’t believe the rocks are so jagged like this.

IMG_3093 IMG_3095 What can make the Tetons any better? How about we add Jenny Lake into the mix?

IMG_3097 IMG_3101

And a quick turn up the hill to Signal Mountain provided some breathtaking sights.

IMG_3125 IMG_3130

Oh, but we have a fun cat with us…and let me show what it’s like to have a cat with you on a trip like this, especially early in the day:

Ugggh, right? He settled down later, but that’s how he was most of the morning. Buuut, here’s the wonderful view on the way out of the park.

IMG_3139 When it comes to Holly and I, we’re all fun and games…and history nerds…so when we had the chance for both the Sacajawea grave and Independence Rock with just a 30 mile detour, we jumped on it.

First, a little controversy. See, there’s TWO death stories for Sacajawea, although just one grave. So while many accounts have her dying in 1812 in Nebraska, there is also an account of her returning to Wyoming, where she died of old age in Fort Washakie. However, if the Wyoming page in the Atlas says it’s her grave, then it’s her grave, right? And here it is!

IMG_3149 IMG_3152IMG_3151  Next we burned it down through Lander, which had a gas station with the capability of adding flavor shots to sodas, so I concocted a raspberry Dr. Pepper and hit the road again. Meanwhile, who knew Wyoming looked so much like Utah in places?

IMG_3146Anyhoo, next stop was the American landmark of Independence Rock, known as the spot where western settlers would carve their names as they traveled through. What’s really cool is that they actually allow you to climb it. So we did.

IMG_3156 IMG_3157 IMG_3158 IMG_3162  Here’s a video from the top. Hard to hear but you’ll get the gist.

But here are the two best things about Independence Rock, brought to you in photo form.

1) The Greatest WTF Photo of All Time

IMG_3160 2) Jalapeño makes it to the top!

IMG_3168But wait, what is this on the way home? Is it’s a semi-full single rainbow?!?!?!?!!?

See you tomorrow night when we present “South Dakota: Derek Finally Sees Mt. Rushmore”.


  1. ok, 2 questions (bizarrely, they're both about Jalapeño)...
    1. Why don't you let that poor kitty out of the bag so he can look out the windows whilst you're driving?
    2. How's the harness working for him? I noticed he was in the bag at the top of the Rock, but I figured that was due to the fact that you wanted to climb as a reasonable speed (cats are slow & meandering, much like little kids)

  2. I'm also curious about how the Raspberry DrP was...

  3. 1) Letting the cat out of the bag has led to efforts to climb everywhere with no regard for road safety, including my shoulders and under my legs. If he was a lazy back window cat, it would work. Still, we do let him out periodically.
    2) We own no harness. He goes places in the bag.
    3) Delicious! I think there's a market for it.

  4. You really ought to get him a harness. He'd love it & you could use it to keep him out from under your feet in the car as well.

  5. That is one upset cat. He's so cute. I'm so sad I didn't get to meet him :(