Monday, September 13, 2010

The States in Pictures

**Edited Jun 16, 2011 to add Northeast pics. My addition to the below paragraph would be that the Northeast has the history, and in the upstate NY, Vermont, NH region, also has the prettiest landscape east of the Rockies.**

I’ve been very fortunate to have seen a lot of America in my life, and once I make it up to the Northeast I’ll have the ability to compare basically every state. I like to see the good in things and appreciate every state or area of the country for what it has to offer. The West may have the prettiest landscapes, but the Midwest has a fantastic way of life and the South knows how to cook, for example. So for a random blog idea, here is every state I’ve seen defined by best by a picture I’ve taken myself.

1) Washington

View of the Olympic National Park from the Deer Park Lookout


2) Oregon

My home for four years, the University of Portland


3) California

The Pacific Ocean from the San Clemente pier


4) Idaho

Could’ve gone so many directions on this, but to me Idaho is defined by people. Here is Holly and I with Meleah and Bob at a prime rib restaurant.


5) Utah

One of my best pics ever, this is Arches National Park on a sunny warm day with snow still on the ground.


6) Arizona

At Horseshoe Bend near the Grand Canyon


7) Nevada

The fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other than Vegas’ urban beauty, there’s a chance Nevada is the ugliest state.


8) Montana

I’ve only ever clipped the corner of Montana, so this is the Gallatin National Forest


9) Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park


10) Colorado

The Denver USO, where the military lounge is just the other half of their super elite club lounge.


11) New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns National Park


12) Texas

Generic Alamo picture? No. The best thing in Texas is BBQ and this, the San Antonio Riverwalk.


13/14) Oklahoma and Kansas

I couldn’t believe I didn’t take any pictures when I drove through these states. I guess that’s because at the time I didn’t see the need to take a picture of nothingness. So here are Google images that represent what I saw in these states.





15) Nebraska

At Memorial Stadium in Lincoln


16) South Dakota

What else other than Mt. Rushmore? Badlands maybe. Everything else is terrible. Even the Badlands is just terribleness that reaches a certain point of being so terrible it becomes cool again.


17) Minnesota

It’s all I got! Airport in Minneapolis, MN. Hmm, maybe I wear that shirt too much…


18) Iowa

Props to Iowa, which of all the states I’ve seen has the best rest areas.


19) Missouri

The Gateway Arch at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial


20) Illinois

With a name like Effingham, Illinois, maybe it’s no wonder it’s home to the world’s largest cross.


21) Indiana

The capitol building in Indianaoplis


22) Ohio

Hocking Hills State Park


23) Kentucky

The Twin Spires at Churchill Downs


24) Tennessee

Great Smoky Mountain National Park, where I saw my first bear.


25) Louisiana

A plate of Warm Mississippi Rabbit from Emeril’s restaurant in New Orleans


26) Mississippi

The Mississippi River, which is so big it’s hard to call it a river.


27) Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama, where they know how to put on a 4th of July celebration


28) Florida

Hanging out by the Gulf of Mexico


39) Georgia

Six Flags over Atlanta

100_1223 30) Maryland

I was too young to own a camera…

31) Virginia

Hanging out with Pocahontas in Jamestown

December 2009 065 32) Alaska

Wow. I wanna go back.


33) South Carolina

Nothing says South Carolina like hanging out with Gramma at a Revolutionary War site!


34) North Carolina

My right foot hangs out in North Carolina at the top of the Great Smoky Mountains.


35/36) West Virginia/Pennsylvania

Been through twice, never took one picture…

37) New Jersey

Did you know that half of Ellis Island belongs to New Jersey?


38) New York

Fulfilling a lifelong dream at the Baseball Hall of Fame.


39) Vermont

I absolutely loved snow-covered Vermont and it’s covered bridges like this one.


40) New Hampshire

Almost looks like Washington, don’t it?


41) Maine

Finally got my chance to see the Portland Head Lighthouse


42) Massachusetts

This seems like an appropriate Boston photo


43) Rhode Island

A quick stopover in Rhode Island’s capital


44) Connecticut

For years the only thing I’ve known about Connecticut is that it’s where Cheryl lives. So this us meeting her for lunch!


So what’s left? Just need to add Michigan (in September), Wisconsin (In November), and North Dakota, Hawaii, Arkansas, and Delaware. Thanks mostly to the military, I think I’m doing pretty good for 25!

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  1. Two things:
    A- I totally agree with your comment about the Badlands.
    2- The northeast (particularly the FAR northeast) is remarkably near to my current abode, and if you & your beloved would feel so inclined to participate in the mania that surrounds "Anne" you would be more than welcome to take up temporary residence in my domicile.