Sunday, October 17, 2010

Washington State Voter Initiative Recommendations

Just spent a significant amount of time researching my ballot for the upcoming election in Washington, where I keep my permanent residency while the military shifts me around the country. Initiatives can be confusing things, and both sides usually do a very good job wording each side of their debate to make it seem like voting their way is the only possible way a sane person could vote. Want to decrease taxes? You must hate children! Want to raise taxes? You must be a socialist! So take this for what it’s worth. Here is what I’m voting in the upcoming election, initiative-wise, and why. If you disagree with my reasons, then I suppose you should vote the opposite way, but if you agree, here’s how you should vote in November.

Initiative 1053 – YES

This would require a two-thirds vote by the legislature or a majority of the public’s vote to raise your taxes. Voting yes keeps more money in your wallet and takes power away from the government, both of which are good things.

Initiative 1082 – YES

The entire premise of voting yes on 1082 is a belief that competition is a good thing and reduces cost. This allows for private competition in workers compensation insurance.

Initiative 1098 – NO

This is the biggest “NO” of them all. One of the greatest things Washington has going for it is the lack of state income tax. This tax proposal is worse than simple class warfare against the “rich”. The worst part is there is no requirement keeping the legislature from expanding the bracket. Believe you me, if you vote for an income tax for the “rich” now, in a few years it will be expanded and expanded until we all pay it. Vote no emphatically.

Initiative 1100 – YES / Initiative 1105 - NO

State run liquor business? Since when should the state run liquor sales? Is the state a retail business? Put it back where it belongs and allow for private competition. Did you know the state marks up the price 51.9%? No matter how you feel about alcohol, vote with your political principles and get the state out of the retail business.

Initiative 1107 - YES

Gets rid of taxes on bottled water, candy, and soda. The people who support this initiative are the people who believe that government should be able to tell you where and how much to eat instead of leaving it up to you.

Referendum 52 – NO

Borrows (borrows! key word!) $505 million to pay for “green” initiatives in schools. Here is a great thought from the usually liberal Seattle Times:

The Seattle Times favors projects like that. We have one of our own to install modern fluorescents. We also have to pay for it, which is an incentive for us to make sure it will work.

The "Hans Bonds" proposal does not have such an incentive. The schools and colleges spend the state's money and do not have to pay it back. They will have to say their projects will save energy, but no one will hold them to it.

Senate Joint Resolution 8225 – NO

This resolution allows for an increase in the constitutional debt limit for the state. I’m not voting on anything that allows for us to borrow MORE money and go into MORE debt.

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