Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project Holly? My Wife Picks Her Top 10 Songs of the Year in a Guest Blog

She’s the most important person in my life, and the one who tolerates the endless playing of music everywhere we go. Not only does she allow me to soundtrack every minute of our lives, but she’s also obliged me by going above and beyond and picking not only her top ten songs, but also doing it with special explanations and extra categories. What a woman!!!

So, let Holly’s words begin now…


**Important Caveat-------only one song per band**

1) Mumford and Sons “Thistle and Weeds”

---played on repeat too many times to count. Turn it up loud. I even learned one of the piano parts for this. :-)


2) Local Natives “Wide Eyes”

---makes you happy, they were awesome in concert, it reminds me of running or walking to Albertsons in Mountain Home, Idaho


3) The National “Conversation 16”

---listen to the drums…holy cats!, the chorus is awesome, it contains a line that really hit home for me when friends left and then I had to leave the rest of them L “Try to hold it together till our friends are gone.”


4) Cee Lo Green “Bright Lights, Bigger City”

---wow this is on caliber with some of the top Michael Jackson songs (at least to me). Just try not moving to this….oh and it has a huge band with strings in the background….and man can he sing


6) Yeasayer “Madder Red”

---that intro gets in my head and I can’t help but sing along, so here you go yeasayer….you made it because of your ridiculously catch intro


7) Interpol “The Undoing”

---just love the parts where he speaks in what I believe is Spanish


8) Regina Spektor “Blue Lips”

---I love singing the chorus. It reminds me of going skiing with Mitch (yes, that’s a shoutout to Mitch for taking a very very beginner skiing who held him back significantly).


9) Kid Cudi “Scott Mescudi vs the World”

---watched a youtube of this one live…it looked like it would be so exciting with the lights out and then not having them on till he comes in to rap. Cee Lo Green’s chorus pretty much makes the song.


10) Caribou “Jamelia”

---I think Derek playing it nonstop makes it worth making the list. Some songs are good and some are good and remind you of a time. This fits the latter category.


Top 5 albums---

1) Mumford and Sons “Sigh No More”

2) The National “High Violet”

3) Local Natives “Gorilla Manor”

4) Arcade Fire “The Suburbs” (Even though none of the songs made it on the top 10 they are all super good and it would be really hard to pick one to make the list)

5) Interpol “Interpol”

Top 5 Most Fun to Sing

1) Miniature Tigers “Lolita”

2) Vampire Weekend “Horchata”

3) Broken Bells “The Ghost Inside”

4) Caribou “Kaili”

5) Arcade Fire “Rococo”

Top 3 Most Hauntingly Beautiful---

1) Sia “My Love” (2010 soundtrack find, but 2008 album)

2) Scala and Kolacny Brothers “Creep”

3) Mimicking Birds “The Loop”

Top 3 worship songs---

1) Hillsong United “Freedom is Here

2) Mercy Me “All of Creation”

3) Chris Tomlin “Our God

Best concerts----Mumford and Sons at Sasquatch (impeccable performance and a spot where I could see the lead singer…..), Local Natives at Sasquatch (they were just really good), Yeasayer in Colombus, OH (funky, but good. Awful outfits though ;) )Kid Cudi/LCD Soundsystem/Deadmau5 (best dance parties of Sasquatch), Wintersleep in Kentucky (impressed me with how professional and polished they were musically).

Best 2 songs to put a smile on your face-----just try not to…Alexandre Desplat “Moving In” and Vampire Weekend “Cousins

Best lyrics---

-“You are tiny and your lips are like little pieces of bacon” from Avi Buffalo’s “What’s It In For” HA HA! This song always makes me think it’s MGMT….sadly it’s not.

-“You will pray to the God you always denied.” from Mumford and Sons “Dust Bowl Dance”

Best hip-hop album---Kid Cudi (he is a disturbed individual who happens to make good music that has too many f* bombs in it…thus the dilemma)

Most personally sentimental song titles---The National “Bloodbuzz Ohio” (where I got sent) and Band of Horses “NW APT” (where I want to be)

Best psychedelic intro--- Tame Impala “Solitude is Bliss

Best country song--- Lady Antebellum “Need you now

Can’t help liking it---Rihanna “Only Girl in the World

That came out of nowhere---Gorillaz “Pirate’s Progress

Most disappointing album---MGMT “Congratulations” (It’s not really fair to expect them to live up to their last album though and they did put on a good show complete with putting up a flag on stage for Memorial Day…the only band I heard even mention the holiday)

Surprisingly good album---Arcade Fire “the Suburbs”

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