Sunday, March 6, 2011

Couple Random Song Recommendations, Plus Some Other Things, Because I’m Under the Weather Today

Every year there are one or two alternative or indie bands that hit the big time. Last year this was Mumford & Sons and The Black Keys. But you don’t need to wait for the good bands to hit the Billboard Hot 100 to like them. Here are couple of smaller acts that I’m listening to right now. Let me know if you like any of them! Click HERE for the playlist…which you can minimize while you sift through facebook.

The War on Drugs – “Comin’ Through”

The Radio Dept. – “Never Follow Suit”

Chief – “Night & Day”

Mates of State – “My Only Offer”

Other Lives – “E Minor”

Kendal Johansson – “Blue Moon”


I said in the title that I’m sick. This is true. Sometimes when I get tired of going to work or school I think to myself “Self, it sure would be nice to get sick and have a sick day”. Then you actually get sick and you remember that it’s miserable, and there’s nothing fun about laying on the couch all day if you can’t breathe and it hurts to swallow.


Lot of craziness going down in Wisconsin and elsewhere. The problem with where this country is headed is that for years and years politicians have made promises they can’t keep and it’s just flat out unsustainable. There comes a point where things just have to be cut…there’s really no other choice, but obviously on the individual level everyone would rather see someone else get cut. That’s just reality. To put it simply, you can only promise to pay someone $50 when you’re only is making $25 for so long before something’s gotta give.


I think I’m going to eat my first star fruit tonight.


Anyone watching American Idol? I have no shame saying that I am, and I’m loving it. Great season so far. Casey is fun to watch, Paul looks like a seasoned vet (he kinda is, comparatively), and Jacob is great too.

I’m not a Scotty McCreery fan. Was glad to see The Soup make fun of him, because I was starting to thing Holly and I were the only people who were uncomfortable watching him. Oh the facial expressions…


Baseball season is almost here folks!!! Get ready. Only 25 more days until my sanity returns.

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  1. Look at you making Grooveshark playlists! I'm so proud! Good collection by the way. I always like to hear a bit of new music to throw in with my Nickelback. ;)