Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travel Blog Day 4: When the Sun Shined Just Enough

Not a good sign for the day ahead of you when you look out your hotel window and it’s snowing 15 miles from the national park you’re about to visit. But hey, we were already here, so nothing is stopping us now. Who knew that 15 miles down the road in Acadia National Park the weather would look like this.


The weather was overall spotty…sometimes the sun broke through like this and other times it was gloomy. But not even cloudiness and snow could take away from the natural beauty.


Driving away from Acadia National Park we decided to take the “scenic route” despite the fact that it was once again dumping snow. That led us down towards Bucksport, Maine along the Penobscot River and noticed Fort Knox sitting on the hillside, which led to an awesome detour. Holly needed a flashlight to help navigate the scary passages of Fort Knox.


The last stop of the day was a trip down to Portland (Maine variety) to see Portland Head Lighthouse, something I’ve wanted to see my whole life.


Tomorrow is Boston and a reunion with a good friend!

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