Thursday, March 24, 2011

Travel Blog Day 5: Baaaahston

Initial thoughts on Boston: Frigid. Charming in its own sort of way. Old, but in a cool way. Filled with terrifying drivers. Closer to stereotypes than usual. Contains more US history in a few blocks than my entire home state, practically.

We started our day with a Fenway Park tour led by an 80-something year old man who embodied stereotypes of Boston and told jokes like someone from the Jungle Cruise. He started the tour by accusing us of being evil New Yorkers and made sure to pronounce the Green Monster like “Green Monstah”. We weren’t sure if he was imitating art or if art imitates him, but he was sure an incredible person to encounter during our first hour in Boston.


The next thing on the agenda was walking the Freedom Trail around Boston to see the various historical sites. It was a pretty cool experience, really, to see everything so close together.

Holly standing by Samuel Adams’ grave:


Paul Revere’s tombstone:


The oldest pulpit in the United States:


Inside the building where the Boston Tea Party started:


Paul Revere’s house:


Paul Revere’s midnight ride started when lanterns were hung outside this church’s steeple:


The trail includes about 15 total stops, so this is just a sampling. Definitely cool for Holly especially to experience all this history.

The last stop of the day took us down to Harvard University to see the campus and enjoy a reunion over burgers with my college roommate and Evan and his girlfriend Jen.


Tomorrow is Plymouth Rock and then off to New York! It will also include reunions with two more awesome friends, so this has been and will continue to be a wonderful trip. Can’t think of anything much better than getting to do all of this with my brother and my wife. The good times keep a-rollin’ but boy are we starting to get exhausted.

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