Saturday, March 19, 2011

Travel Blog: Day Zero (And Introduction to the Madness)

Hello fellow readers, family, and friends, and welcome to our Travel Blog! The next few days will be void of music commentary and instead be the chronicling of the Northeast travels of myself, my wife, and my brother. Feel free to vicariously join us as we travel to massively important historical sites to honor ex-presidents like the amazing James Garfield! We are very optimistic about this trip, which features this glorious travel binder and 15 page itinerary!


While tomorrow may be the official first day of the trip, today was “Day Zero”, a day dedicated to showing the wonders of southwestern Ohio and ever-so-tiny part of Kentucky to my otherwise Kentucky-less brother.

Does anyone else know what the “regional cuisine” of Ohio and especially the Cincinnati area is? Why, Cincinnati chili of course. Thanks to my good buddy Guy Fieri or Diners Drive-ins and Dives (henceforth in this blog it will be referred to as “DDD”, read “Triple D”), we found this spot to eat a delicious helping of chili over spaghetti noodles.


From there it was on to Eden Park, where we saw:

The fanciest water tower in the world:


The first concrete arch bridge in Ohio:


A tree dedicated to our favorite president, Ronald Reagan:


And some of out our forgotten heroes, like the great Franklin Pierce:


An important part of the trip as well was seeing Kentucky, since a massive part of this trip is seeing as many states as possible. We trudged across the Ohio River to Kentucky so that David could check out the state. Also, Holly found the need to listen to street signs and proudly displayed her high waters for the sign.


Tomorrow we depart for Syracuse. Check back in tomorrow night for more adventures brought to you by Derek, Holly, and David.

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