Thursday, August 25, 2011

Keeping the Good Tunes Rolling (Florence + The Machine, Radical Face, Sarah Jarosz, Typhoon, and an awesome video)

While full scale reviews and end-of-year lists are the primary mission of this blog, I just can’t help but share individual tracks as a find them. There are some blogs that do this around the clock, but I figure I can share with you only the best of indie/alt rock/folk findings, trimming off the fat. Think of yourselves as the beneficiaries of my endless Saturday morning music search parties.

She hit the big time last year, but Florence + The Machine are now readying their next album. This song is certainly a good sign, as it may be her best song yet (apologies to “Cosmic Love” and “Hurricane Drunk”). You have to stick around on it, as it builds and builds and builds. Gotta love the harp AND the free download.

My sister gets credit for this song, which she sent to me under the assumption that I had heard of Radical Face before, which I hadn’t. But I’m glad I have now, as the Eliot Smith-y hushed chorus leads into a surprisingly rousing chorus. The song is “Welcome Home”. is giving away a promotional free track from folk/country songstress Sarah Jarosz, and I’m happy to recommend it for slow summer driving.

One of the best parts about loving small bands (along with the $15 concerts) is that they’re often trying to get their sound out there, meaning they see the mutual benefit of free music. So they give this song to you, and you, in turn, are aware of Typhoon’s existence and might just tell your friends how much you like their track “Starting Over”. (Their best song is “Starting Over”, but you have to buy that one. You won’t regret it though!)

Finally, another embedded track for the ones who like this blog so much they don’t want to leave it!  I dare you to not like this song.

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  1. Nice compilation, my favourite track on Sarah Jarosz's album is Come Around. Never heard of Radical Face either, thanks!

    Just posted my most anticipated albums of fall 2011, I'd be interested to hear your comments on that ( :

    Will add your blog to my music links, I've been on a roll recently listening to William Fitzsimmons, like his music ( ;