Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some Random Tracks to Brighten Your Day

Rather than a full review today I thought I’d pop in to talk about a few singles that have caught my ear lately. Thanks to Spin’s free November playlist, I came across the band Gauntlet Hair for the first time, and their reverby alt rock sounds pretty great to me. Check out “Top Bunk” below and click on the link above to download it for free yourself so long as it’s still November.

This video is starting to make the rounds, and it should. What an amazing piece of work by an amateur photographer. He managed to practically give me chills when they hit my home state of Washington. But I also really noticed the song, a track called “The Sounds” by Waking Lights.

For some stripped down, mellower stuff, check out these two tracks. The first is Gotye’s “Giving Me a Chance” and the next is the very basic yet loveable song “Television” by You Won’t.

If you are using Amazon’s music service, here’s a link to a free download of Milagre’s track “Glowing Mouth” as well.

Hope you found something you liked!

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