Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Real Favorite Song of the Year Was Not From This Year, So It Won’t Be #1, But You Should Hear It Anyways, Just in Case You Haven’t Already

A great challenge in running this blog on the side, fully funded by myself, means that sometimes I just flat out miss songs from previous years. Oh to work for a magazine where I get free music. I can dream right? Anyhow, I’ve struggled because my true favorite song that I’ve heard this year is actually a 2009 song. Not only that, it was apparently a fairly big deal in the United Kingdom. I just didn’t feel right sticking it at the top of the list of 2011 songs, despite the fact that I usually allow myself a little leniency. But that leniency is usually reserved for previous year songs, not for songs over 2 years old. So rather than slip it in there, I’ve decided to dedicate a spot to this song in a pre-top 50 blog. Therefore:

As I’m sure Holly could tell you, my most played, loved, and, heck, overplayed song of 2011 was actually 2009’s “Many of Horror” by Biffy Clyro. There were many, many times where I kicked the bridge (about 2:20 into the song) up to max volume in car. Enjoy!

If you liked it, follow this link, look near the bottom, and enjoy permanently!

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