Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let’s Get 2012 Cookin’: A Couple Quick Songs

There’s always a sense of exhaustion when the 2011 lists are done. I still haven’t come close to listening to everyone else’s, because I was so focused for so long on making my own. There’s a lot of self-imposed pressure when making “Best of” lists, since you can’t possibly make a list like that without partially believing you made a good faith effort to hear a wide representation of the music available. Sure, I guess I could call it “Best Songs That I Happened to Hear This Year”, but that doesn’t have a ring to it. Anyhow, 2012 is now underway, and thankfully I’ve already had to start a playlist on my computer to hold some of these early gems:

The Shins’ came back without missing a beat, releasing “Simple Song”, which to me gets better with every listen. It is an amazing track and gets me very excited for their new album.

I finally got a chance to listen to Nerves Junior’s album, which was touted as 2010’s best by one of my favorite blogs. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do have great things to say about “Champagne & Peaches”. That one wasn’t on youtube, so here is the album’s second best song, “As Bright As Your Night Light”.

Snow Patrol, who I’ve always had a weakness for, released a new album as well. I’ll get a full review up, but here is an outstanding track from the album called “New York”.

Bear in Heaven, artists responsible for the amazing “Lovesick Teenagers” are back with a great track called “The Reflection of You”.

You may have heard that Jonsi of Sigur Ros was responsible for the soundtrack to “We Bought a Zoo”. Here’s a great track I heard on the OST called “Sinking Friendships”.

Finally, while I wasn’t blown away by the whole album, it’s hard to deny that this track from The Lonely Forest isn’t worth 99 cents.

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  1. I feel burnt out as well when it comes to music, the year-end lists are draining to create, that is if you do them properly like we do ( ;