Saturday, March 17, 2012

Five Songs That Will Make Your Today Better Than It Was Previous to Not Having Heard These Songs


Don’t have a real theme to this one, but here are a few songs making the rounds on my playlist right now. Hope you like them as much as I do? Whaddya think?

1) Walk the Moon – “I Can Lift a Car”

This band has a real future. Seeing them open for Young the Giant was a real pleasure, and I think their upbeat indie pop will find its way to the charts sooner than later. Very good live band, and this is my favorite song by them.

2) fun. – “Some Nights”

When Rolling Stone used the words indie pop, Queen, and Les Miserables all at once to describe fun. it was enough to send me to Spotify. I didn’t regret it, and I can’t stop playing this song tonight.

3) Ryan Adams – “Lucky Now”

Changing gears a little, this great newer track from Ryan Adams is moving and heartfelt. Hope you enjoy.

4) Eve 6 – “Lost and Found”

I used to be a big Eve 6 fan back in the day, and thought we’d heard the last from them. When they put out a new track from their first album in 9 years I was pleasantly surprised.

5) Frank Ocean – “Swim Good”

I got so fixated on “Strawberry Swing” last year that I don’t think I ever gave enough credit to “Swim Good”. Amazing that all these great songs came off of a free mixtape.

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