Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thoughts Upon Leaving Ohio

I used to write many more random blogs. Scrolling back through my history, I realize I unknowingly allowed this blog to morph from a split between random musings and occasional music to basically only music. That’s fine, I guess, but it is not necessary I tell you! So I return with a blog focused upon the subject of Ohio. Yes, Ohio. The home of the flag that is not a rectangle. Yup, it’s true, look:


Ignore that white border. It makes it look like it’s a rectangle. It’s not.


It appears I’m going to graduate and get my Masters degree here in a couple weeks. Lots of people that deserve thanks, but I’m going to turn my attention to the inanimate objects that need thanking. That’s right, this one goes out to you, Things and Stuff:

  • Purple stapler – are you going to last forever? I bought you in 2003 and you keep stapling like a champ. Every other stapler comes and goes, but the $2 I spent on you endures.
  • Mimicking Birds and Benny Goodman – The Soundtrack of the Thesis. Great to listen to, but not too distracting.
  • Gyro Palace – Thank you, Gyro Palace, for your delicious gyro supreme platter and for teaching me that tzatziki is a great dipping sauce for french fries.
  • Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, Portal 2, PacMan, and Words With Friends – The great distractors
  • Finally, my ridiculous cat, for getting annoyed with my textbooks to the point of sitting on them:



Five favorite Ohio things that everyone can enjoy:

1) Hocking Hills State Park – As a Washingtonian, I’m picky about nature. But Hocking Hills has some very pleasant scenery.


2) Put-in-Bay – Maybe it was the perfect weather and the company, but taking the little boat to the island in the middle of Lake Erie is almost surreal and was truly wonderful. You barely feel like it could still be Ohio.


3) Purple People Bridge – Love taking people down to Newport on the Levee and walking across the bridge for a great look at the Cincinnati skyline.


4) Accessibility – From Dayton you can get to Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus. We checked out Nashville, Louisville, and Mammoth Caves National Park. We roamed to Niagara Falls, swung by Toronto, and drove back through Detroit. We had a great weekend in Chicago and even spent Thanksgiving in Wisconsin. It’s weekend trip heaven out here. We also managed a Northeast road trip!


5) Grace Crossing Church – One of the hardest parts about leaving Ohio will be leaving our church. I can’t believe how involved we’ve gotten and how many people we’ve met in just a year and a half.


Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention that Urbana, Ohio has the world’ largest loaf of bread. That thing needs more appreciation.



My biggest criticism of Ohio is that, generally speaking, I’ve never seen a state use their blinkers less. I wouldn’t call Ohio drivers bad, per say, just that they like to keep every finger of their left hand on the wheel. So hey, hurrah for Ohio for making sure both their hands are on the wheel at all time!


Five favorite meals in Ohio:

1) The Sandstone (Logan, OH) – Little did I know I’d have the best ribs of my life in a place called Logan.

2) Geraci’s (Cleveland, OH) – Probably the best pizza I’ve ever had. Holly believes she could eat the marinara as a meal. Or a soup.


3) Blue Ash Chili (Blue Ash, OH) – Best rendition of Cincinnati chili I’ve eaten, thanks to the breaded and fried jalapeno bottlecaps.


4) Tsao’s Cuisine (Beavercreek, OH) – A shout out to my favorite buffet and friendly staff.

5) Pasha Grill – I’m gonna miss you more than I probably know, Turkish food!

BTW, Ohio, you fail at Mexican food. For this reason, I’m going to move to Arizona.


We’ve had a great time here and made some great friends. We’ve also been fortunate to reunite with some other amazing friends. We’ve loved our church, loved Beavercreek (sorry, Fairborn), and I’ve personally loved being able to do all my work (no matter how excruciating it was at times) in my jeans or gym shorts. I leave you with the song I most associate with Ohio!

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