Sunday, April 1, 2012

Travel Blog Day #4 – Return to the West

What better way to return to the west than to climb a mountain? And is it still climbing a mountain if you do 95% of it in a car? Seeing that I did it with a cat on my shoulder, I’m saying yes.

From Dumas, TX we headed northwest towards Raton, NM where we started the day by hitting up the Capulin Volcano, which arose in the distance like a beacon of freedom to those of us stuck in Texas flatness! Capulin actually has a road that take you nearly to the top, so we pulled off the road to check it out.

Here’s Holly posing by a sign that literally says “Superb Crater View”. Thanks, sign!


Posing with your arms wide is apparently a Rubino thing. I’m guessing that Jalapeno over there in cage is probably doing the same pose.


Speaking of Jalapeno, I couldn’t help but wonder how many cats had ascended Capulin. I bet not many. Oh how it took me back to the days of me and a tinier Jalapeno ascending Independence Rock in Wyoming. This cat has seen more states than a lot of people.


We thought we’d hit up Arby’s in Raton, NM for a quick bite to eat after that. Unfortunately, it took an hour. I think video explains it all better.

We left behind our bad memories of Raton and headed into Colorado, where we very quickly felt the warm embrace of actual mountains. Finally, no glorified hills! There was even some lingering snow. Our big destination of the day was Great Sand Dunes National Park in southwestern Colorado.

DSC_0214DSC_0225DSC_0230DSC_0254 (2)

Tomorrow we scoot west to Utah before finally dropping south into our new home of Arizona. More to come tomorrow night!

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