Saturday, May 5, 2012

What I’m Listening To, Arizona Edition


Greetings from Phoenix, music fans! Album releases have slowed down a bit, but here are a few tracks that have been keeping my ears busy:

Imagine Dragons have emerged with their debut EP and have the kind of sound that blow up the modern rock charts near you. There’s definitely a pop touch to these guys, but on songs like “Radioactive” and “In Time” they have an undeniably cool sound. Check it out.

Sampling an Etta James song into a pulsating electronic masterpiece might sound a little strange at first, but Avicii makes the perfect louder-is-better Summer song with “Levels” (and a crazy vid too).

Turning 180 degrees from Levels is Regina Spektor’s new track “All the Rowboats”, the most surprisingly upbeat and musically complex track she’s ever written. But it’s all still very Regina Spektor-ish lyrically, with Spektor sympathizing with glass encased museum artifacts (“Masterpieces serving maximum sentences/it’s their own fault for being timeless”).

Finally, a more pure indie track that’s been stuck in my head for weeks comes from the band Opus Orange.

That’s all for now! New album by Santigold just dropped. Review forthcoming!