Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eve 6 – “Speak in Code”


Back in a different music life, I was a big fan of Eve 6. Even saw them in concert once back in 2003. To most people they’re known for “Inside Out”, aka the “heart in a blender song”. They had mild success with personal favorite “Here’s to the Night”, but then had disappointing sales plague their third album. Soon Eve 6 disappeared, another fallen pop rock band from an era when bands like Third Eye Blind and Matchbox 20 actually ruled the charts.

Eve 6 getting back together in 2012 is certainly surprising. I doubt they even entertain the idea of being popular again, but perhaps they just love to make music. I don’t normally address music like theirs on this blog, but Eve 6 brings an interesting element to the table for me personally. How do you deal with music that you once had a taste for but now mostly like out of sentimentality? When that music remains sentimental, you keep playing it and remember 2003: freshman year at college, road trips to the beach, visits to the girlfriend you have back home. But now here is Eve 6 in 2012, and curiosity is mostly the cause for listening.

What I found is that, track by track, Eve 6 still can succeed at some of the elements that made me like them back in the day, even if overall this is clearly their weakest overall album (I think…who knows what I would have thought 10 years ago). Eve 6 has always been a quirky-lyric band with a penchant for hooky pop rock. Say what you will, but these guys do know how to create an undeniable hook, and they still show that ability here. Take “Lost & Found” for example, the album’s best song. When the chorus breaks out, there’s a fantastic hook that draws you in. On a lyrical side, Eve 6’s ever-present desire to strike with the vocab and surprising rhymes is still there in average rockers like “Victoria”.

There’s a streak of sub-par (okay fine…”bad”. Bad songs. Not good at all.) songs here, ranging from “B.F.G.F” to “Lion’s Den” to “Blood Brothers”, that really drags down the whole album. But there’s also about five worthy tracks here. “Curtain” and “Situation Infatuation” both bring something to the table on the upbeat side, and Eve 6 shows they still have the sensitive side the flash in some of their better songs from the past (“Here’s to the Night”/”Girlfriend”) with acoustic guitar-focused “Moon” and melodic “Pick Up the Pieces”, which is the closest the album gets to a special moment.

I don’t really recommend you run out and get this album unless you were truly and Eve 6 fan back in the day. “Lost & Found” is worth the time though, and “Pick Up the Pieces” is worth a try. “Situation Infatuation”, “Moon”, and “Curtain” are there as well if you like those. I certainly never thought I’d hear a new Eve 6 song again, and I’m not exactly jumping around excitedly, but there’s a couple songs here that take me back to 2003 in a good way.

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