Monday, June 4, 2012

The Month’s Best Music

In case you’re looking for something new to grace your ears, here is the best stuff I’ve been listening to since my last check-in.


Passion Pit – “Take a Walk”

Passion Pit is back! One of the most out-of-nowhere (for me) debut albums belong to Passion Pit, who got “Sleepyhead” permanently stuck in my head a couple years back. There first new release of their upcoming album gets me very excited for the future. It’s good loud!

Active Child – “Hanging On”

Every now and then a song comes along and grabs you when you don’t expect it. Active Child’s “Hanging On” is not much like most the music I enjoy, but it gets me every time. It’s very dreamy but still powerful. This must be the side of me that fell hard for M83’s last album creeping out again.

Lower Dens – “Brains”

I can’t say I’d heard of Lower Dens before May (bad blogger!), but I’m glad I found them now. Their album has a few real winners, and none is better than “Brains” with it’s pulsating percussion and building electronics.

Santigold – “Disparate Youth”

I’ve yet to give her new album a fair shake, but I can tell right away that “Disparate Youth” is the one that sticks out to me. She first endeared herself to me at Sasquatch 2009, and her first album blew me away. Now she’s back dropping awesome guitar riffs and blending her unique mix of styles that is uniquely Santigold.

Keane – “Starting Line”

Here’s a change of pace and a blast from the past all at once. Keane were lampooned by critics from the start as Coldplay rip-offs (and Coldplay didn’t always get nice treatment either), but I was always in the crowd that found something magical in their debut Hopes and Fears. Their next two albums were pretty average and my first listen to their newest left me shrugging, but the sunny, melodic nature of “The Starting Line” is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who could use a little pleasant sweetness in their lives.

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