Monday, June 25, 2012

Walk the Moon – “Walk the Moon”

I’ll put it right out there upfront: this is just about as much fun as you can have listening to an album. What a combination of energy, pop, and electro-rock chops. Walk the Moon hails from my military-assisted temporary hometown area of Cincinnati, where I had the pleasure of seeing them play a hometown show opening for Young the Giant. Young the Giant (owners of a 4-star review of their own) was great, but Walk the Moon was the crowd pleaser. Simply put, these guys are ready to blow up, and their recent tour on the late night tv circuit seems to agree. If anyone is poised for a Foster the People-ish run at the charts, it’s these guys, and we’re all better for it.

Let’s start right near the beginning, when “Lisa Baby” bursts forth, leading a six song, 25 minute spree of amped up, toe-tapping energy that doesn’t quit till the musical interlude of “Lions”. “Lisa Baby” is almost the very definition of pulsating, daring you to hold still. With guitars swarming, it turns into a crowd pleasing anthem. Just try not joining in. On “Next in the Line” the band sends the guitars flying again, on a positively Killers-ish rocker. The spree continues with pop sensation “Anna Sun”, ready to burn up a radio near you with the call to arms party line for the youth: “What can I say?/This house is falling apart/we got no money/but we got heart”.

It doesn’t stop there. “Tightrope” keeps the energy and guitar riffs free-flowing and the oh-ohs full speed ahead. “Jenny”, with the chorus of “Jenny’s gotta body just like an hourglass” and synth impact is a live goldmine. It’s impossible not to dance, and succeeds evens to the point where a line like “I wanna be the sand inside that hourglass” is nearly forgivable (nearly). “Shiver Shiver”, a new track not present on the original album is good as well, ending a 25 minute streak every band dreams of.

But wouldn’t you know they saved the best for last? After the okay, slow-tempo “Iscariot” and the very good “Fixin’” comes the out-of-nowhere “I Can Lift a Car”, previously featured on this blog. (Aside: is it hipster of me to say I like the original, less-produced version? Maybe. Never mind.) “I Can Lift a Car”, is just about the most perfect example of mixing indie, pop, and rock that you can find. From the clever lines (“She kissed me on/my new futon/I’m clumsy ‘cause she kinds me attractive”) to the bursting, anthemic chorus, the song is a gem.

Walk the Moon is the kind of band that I love to find. They’re an indie rock band that bring enough creativity to the table to satiate indie fans, but enough pop sensibility to be immediately wonderful. You will love them, and you will love them fast. This is an album worth having, and I hope you give it a try.


  1. No links? How will I find their songs to decide if I like them or not????

  2. Gah, I forgot! I'll get them up right now.