Monday, October 8, 2012

Divine Fits – “A Thing Called Divine Fits”


If you’ve never heard of Divine Fits, you may have heard of their band members. Divine Fits exists as the side project of Spoon’s Britt Daniel and Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner. This represents an interesting preconception for me: over the years I have professed an undying affection for Spoon, but I’ve never really been able to get into Wolf Parade. And as far as the album goes, it’s hard to get past these preconceptions. On songs like “Would That Not Be Nice?”, where the songs sound much more like a slightly more electro-ed Spoon, I find myself enjoying them very much. “The Salton Sea” could have fit nicely onto some of Spoon’s very best albums, and “Shivers” and “Like Ice Cream” don’t really sound any different from Spoon at all. Heck, “Flaggin’ a Ride”, the album’s best song, channels Spoon almost exclusively, and it’s purely excellent and catchy. I wonder if Spoon’s other band members heard this one and though “dang, did you just give away the best song on our next album?”. 

Finding the parts where Wolf Parade and Spoon collide into pure Divine Fits is difficult. On “My Love is Real” you get what is essentially a Wolf Parade song, but with a backbeat that sounds a little more like Spoon. Only on the final song, “Neopolitans”, does it feel like the talents of the band’s are really combined, and the song comes off good but not great.

Easy summary: “Flaggin’ a Ride” necessary for all, “The Salton Sea” and “Would That Not Be Nice?” necessary for Spoon fans, and the rest of it makes for an interesting and intriguing add to your music collection if you already fancy Spoon and Wolf Parade.

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