Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Ultimate Music Megapost: The Top Ten New Old Songs of the Year


Welcome to the beginning of my favorite thing about blogging: the annual (6th annual! Yikes.) Ultimate Music Megapost. In previous years I’ve done an introductory post explaining my basic guidelines, rules, and limitations of the list. Instead of doing that this year, I’ll keep it pretty brief. This particular post reflects one of the big disclaimers I always put out there: I’m not a professional, I’m an amateur. I don’t get handed free music and get to listen to it as a job, so sometimes I miss things. And with that in mind, here are some amazing non-2012 songs that would have made lists if I were a proper music reviewer!

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1. Young the Giant – “Apartment”

If I were to rank this song against this year’s tracks, I’d have it at #2 overall. But chalk it up to the strength of 2011 that even some of the best songs I find this year come from the previous year.

2. Nerves Junior – “Champagne & Peaches”

Nerves Junior was a one of those year-end list discoveries I made on another blog, but did get into until I was holed up in Amish Country in Ohio, listening to this song in the snow.

3. Republic Tigers – “Merrymake it With Me”

Republic Tigers had some great songs on a single CD a few year ago. I went to check what happened to them and found this gem on a 2011 EP.

4. Kurt Vile – “Society is My Friend”

Kurt Vile got a lot of attention in 2011 for “Jesus Fever”, which is also a great song. But it’s “Society is My Friend” that really won me over.

5. Radiohead – “Staircase”

Always good to get Radiohead onto these lists, right? I didn’t get to Radiohead’s release of “Staircase” until after the New Year, but it soundtracked many a cold winter day in Ohio earlier this year.

6. Cinematic Orchestra ft. Patrick Watson – “To Build a Home”

“To Build a Home” caught my attention in a movie trailer, and I just had to find out who was responsible. This year my 2012 list will feature Patrick Watson’s new album, but this one is how he got my attention.

7. Great Lake Swimmers – “Moving Pictures Silent Films”

Great Lake Swimmers have dreamy folk down to a science, and this might be their best song ever, but I didn’t get to it till this year.

8. Ryan Adams – “Lucky Now”

I overall couldn’t get into Ryan Adams’ 2011 album, but I loved everything about “Lucky Now”

9. You Won’t – “Three Car Garage”

All I knew about You Won’t in 2011 was how much I loved the song “Television”. This year I discovered “Three Car Garage”.

10. The Lonely Forest – “Coyote”

Just a fun jam.

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  1. I love that Kurt Vile album. Moving Pictures Silent Films was a nice pick, which I'd never listened to before.