Monday, January 28, 2013

It’s Been a Good Week!

Music discovery can ebb and flow. This week has been specifically strong, bolstered by some new releases, random discoveries, and reading of other peoples’ year-end lists. Here are five new tracks to improve your day.

My favorite new song discovery was “Fortyfive” by Bootstraps, a pensive indie folk gem with a perfect video to fit it’s long-drive, all-alone, good-music vibe. Bootstraps was featured prominently in the instantly Netflix-able movie “Take Me Home”, which featured a cross country roadtrip. I’ll probably review the whole very good album later, but for now enjoy “Fortyfive” (and download it for free at Amazon!).

Ra Ra Riot went all electronic on their odd new album. Why odd? Because Ra Ra Riot’s shtick is their strong live string section. The album was overall rough, but there were some total gem singles. “When I Dream”, “Angel, Please”, and “Is It Too Much” are all very good.

Interestingly, a great song by a band that goes by the name Dutch Uncles actually bears some similarities to early Ra Ra Riot. Check out “Flexxin”.

My friend John made me release I hadn’t paid enough attention to Alt-J yet, and I’m very thankful. These guys genre-bend, and I love that. Mostly alt rock, yet bluesy, experimental, and groovy. “Fitzpleasure” is awesome.

Lastly, somewhere between The Verve and War on Drugs (two standout bands) is Sun Airway, and the song “Close” deserves some attention.

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