Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cold War Kids Release New Track “Miracle Mile”


Normally I don’t post about individual songs, but this one got me really excited. Cold War Kids, who crafted one of the best modern albums with “Robbers & Cowards” and then followed it up with the very good “Loyalty to Loyalty”, are back with a new song from a new album. Why is this news? Because after their perfectly great sophomore album, the band stylistically changed it up on their third album “Mine Is Yours”. The album wasn’t BAD (it still contained some very good tracks), but after hiring the production team of Kings of Leon they released an album that stylistically abandoned much of what made Cold War Kids not just great, but unique. Again, the album wasn’t bad, but it felt like a little piece of Cold War Kids died in the production.

Now with their fourth album due, “Miracle Mile” has been released ahead of time, and the sneak peak gives some great hope that album #4 will bring the Cold War Kids I fell in love with back to us.


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