Monday, March 25, 2013

EuroBlog! Day 3: Jetlag Recovery Day AKA Meleah Shows Us Her Neck of the Woods

Today included three separate intakes of coffee. This is because a) I love coffee, b) it was cold, and most of all, c) I believe we woke up at the Arizona equivalent of 2 AM to start our day. Woot!

Jetlag Recovery Day started off by sleeping in, of course, which is necessary, of course. Then it was time for Meleah to show us around her life here in Suffolk County. We started with a trip to the city of Ely (eeel-eee), home of a very impressive cathedral.


This is also the home of really old houses and adorable ducks, both framed in Holly’s picture below as we walked over to check out Oliver Cromwell’s house.


Then it was time to hop over to her local big city, the education-heavy city of Cambridge, where such academics as Sir Isaac Newton studied underneath trees like this and get hit in the head with apples that do not appear in this picture.


A walk down the road also led to my first real full English breakfast. Only a newbie tourist could get excited about the prospect of beans and toast and a spot of tea, but count me as an excited tourist, complete with the dead giveaway of the camera attached around the neck. I only give the camera up in order to point at trees…


Then it was time to walk off our breakfast and take cute pics on bridges:


Never ones to shy away from stereotypes, we then enjoyed the quintessential “red phone booth in England” shots:


Then we punted! I can’t take too much credit, as the 30 degree temps turned me into the lone dissenter from the “should we punt when it’s 30 degrees out?” question, but I went along anyway, and I’m glad I did.


Oh but wait! I have a video for you! Ain’t this blog grand!?!

Not bad for an “off day” eh? Tomorrow we head to London to do London-y things. Bed time!

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