Sunday, March 24, 2013

EuroBlog! Days 1 & 2: Across the Pond

Hello, my friends and family! I have multiple requests to do a travel blog of sorts, and I must give the people what they want! Even if by people I may mean, quite literally, two people. But hey, who knows! Maybe I’ll entertain you!

As many of you know I’m headed off to Afghanistan this summer, and with multiple months of training in front, Holly and I decided to head over to England and Scotland and Ireland for a vay-cay. Here we are ready to rumble, and hoping we filled out all our international travel documents properly:


You know who already is in England? My little sister!


Today was really just supposed to be a travel day, but since Holly and I both were able to sleep okay on the plane, we decided to detour up to Windsor Castle and eat at a perfect little pub.



This charming little pub is the Horse & Groom, and is literally a stone’s throw away from Windsor Castle. I didn’t actually try throwing a stone at Windsor Castle, but I am confident in my abilities. Visiting a place like this, ordering fish & chips, and then allowing the bartender to pick out his own brew for me is one of the many things I wanted to get out of this trip, and it happened with an hour of arriving.


The green stuff is “mushy peas”, which taste just like peas that have been mushed, in case you were wondering.

The only downfall of the whole day? The Horse & Groom decided to soundtrack my entire experience with an old skipping Nickelback cd on repeat.

I can’t promise daily blogs because of connectivity issues, but I’ll try and keep you posted. Until tomorrow!


  1. Oh I am so glad you decided to blog about your trip! You look quite at home in a pub with a pint! It's one of the things I miss about England. Everyone gathering down at the pub... Have a fantastic trip!

  2. Yeah Windsor Castle!! When we went it was pouring rain (as it does in England), but it was still awesome. :)