Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I’m Listening To

I’m about to head off for a while. I’m not sure what kind of living conditions await me, but I’ve heard Army style barracks and, more importantly for this blog, no internet in the rooms. I tend to write more when I’m not at home working a normal job, but the internet thing (and no car) could put a damper on that. So just in case I became a more infrequent poster, I wanted to let you know what new music has come into my life lately.

The 1975 – Chocolate

This song is incredibly catchy. The sort of alt-rock meets indie-pop that fans of Foster the People and Walk the Moon will love.

London Grammar – “Wasting My Young Years”

There guys are ready to burst onto the scene. With barely anything more than this track and the equally great “Metal & Dust”, London Grammar is something you won’t want to miss.

Cub Scouts – “Told You So'”

This is just plain fun, both peppy and melodic during the chorus. Will be checking more out by these guys.

Lana Del Rey – “Young & Beautiful”

The tracklist for the Great Gatsby soundtrack looks like something that can’t be missed. Lana Del Rey is a perfect fit for a movie like Great Gatsby, and shows why here.

Barcelona – Come Back When You Can

This one is a little bit more in the mold of The Fray or something like that, but I was actually pretty impressed with these guys when they opened up for Andrew McMahon in Scottsdale. As I say goodbye to my wife for way to long, the refrain of “come back when you can” is all too appropriate.

I’ve stocked up on music from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Iron & Wine, Lord Huron, Phoenix, The Neighbourhood, Caveman, Kurt Vile, Guards, CHVRCHES, and Youngblood Hawke before I go, so hopefully I’ll find the chance to let you guys know what I think and what’s worth your time and money. Take care!

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