Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bootstraps – “Bootstraps”


Fans of Ray LaMontagne and other road-ready, pensive music take note. You may want to add Bootstraps to your collection. I discovered Bootstraps the way most people did: by streaming the ultimately forgettable movie “Take Me Home” on Netflix Instant. I’ve already forgotten about the movie, but the music has stuck with me. Bootstraps was formed specifically for that movie, in fact, but I hope they’ll remain on the music scene.

The music is paced well and propels forward as if it was specifically designed for night driving or solo drives with just you and your thoughts. The centerpiece is “Fortyfive”, backed well by a swelling undercurrent of piano, drums, guitar, and light keyboard. “Sleeping Giant” and the rousing “OH CA” and “Wild Moan” add to a very solid debut album from a band that may have never been meant to be a band. Give them a listen below.

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