Friday, September 27, 2013

Five of the Best New Tracks

We’ve had a whirlwind of new releases lately, and something tells me you haven’t had time to check them all out. No worries! Here are the best five new tracks for you to give a try to. In time the whole albums may get their own reviews, but I wanted to highlight some tracks.

Volcano Choir – “Comrade”

Justin Vernon’s side project Volcano Choir was hit and miss on album #1, but album #2 is a can’t miss, showcasing more of the swelling sound that Vernon utilized on Bon Iver’s best tracks.

Kings of Leon – “Tonight”

Close call between “Tonight” and “Rock City” as the best song on the new Kings of Leon album.

The 1975 – “Robbers”

I’ve showcased “Chocolate” and “Sex”, but “Robbers” deserves some attention too.

CHVRCHES – “Recover”

Listening to CHVRCHES is like listening to a female M83. You may have already heard the great “Recover”, but it’s worth highlighting now that the full length album is out.

The Civil Wars – “Eavesdrop”

My personal favorite song from their new album, of which I still need to do a proper review.

Bonus track:

The Amazing – “Dragon”

This isn’t a new song, but I’d never heard it before, so passing it on. Caught it in the pleasant indie dramedy “Drinking Buddies” (Anna Kendrick AND Olivia Wilde by the way…) and thought I’d share.

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