Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2013 Ultimate Music Megapost: Top Ten New Old Songs

I wish this category didn’t have to exist, but I’m an amateur music reviewer who sometimes misses things. And since the whole point is to show you awesome music, I maintain this category annually to ensure that my follies in 2012 are rectified in 2013 to the maximum extent.


1) Django Django – “Hail Bop”: What is this, space age Beach Boys? Whatever it is, I love love love it, and if I’d found it last year, it would have a top five song.

2) How to Dress Well – “Cold Nites”: I love songs that set a mood, and never has a song captured the mood in its title better than this. Would have been in the top 15 last year.

3) Alt-j – “Fitzpleasure”: Be assured I don’t know what any of the lyrics mean either. But when that first bass kicks in? Wow. Try not to move when this song is turned up loud.

4) Barcelona – “Come Back When You Can”: Was very impressed by these guys when they opened for Andrew McMahon. A little on the sensitive side, but I still love it.

5) Lord Huron – “I Will Be Back One Day”: I blew this one. I knew of Lord Huron, but didn’t give them a chance last year. One of the better indie folk outfits right now, and this is their best track.

6) Sun Airway – “Close” : Atmospheric alt-rock in the mold of The Verve or The Radio Dept

7) The Temper Trap – “Trembling Hands”: Album was subpar, but “Trembling Hands” once again shows the potential everyone saw when they first heard “Sweet Disposition”.

8) The Amazing – “Dragon”: Soft and lo-fi like it’s 2002 all over again, I found this one in a movie and searched it out.

9) A Silent Film – “Anastasia”: Disappointing over-produced album? Yep. But their potential is on full display with the string-laden “Anastasia”, featuring a toe-tapping guitar line.

10) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ben Bridwell – “Starting Over”: Macklemore’s debut LP earned rave reviews and smash hits, but this is the one I loved, featuring Bridwell of Band of Horses of course.


  1. I love the ALT J CD. I'm not into rap, but I'm still impressed with the Macklemore CD. Musicians are made through hard work and creativity, not on a reality TV show.

  2. I like that track from Django Django too, I can see looking back on my blog that my fav from that album is "Firewater"
    "How to Dress Well" is pretty haunting, nice pick again.

    Probably my favorite new old song is Who Did That to You by John Legend (officially released Dec 2012)

  3. Chris, that song is really good too. I've never had a lot of John Legend songs, but it's my favorite that I've heard from him. Btw,"Firewater" was my second favorite on that album. Jon, I feel the same way about Macklemore. Though he did write a song about growing up in Seattle watching the Mariners, so I relate to him a lot more than I do to most rappers rapping about drugs and stuff.