Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2013 Ultimate Music Megapost: The Introduction

The following has been deeply plagiarized from my past self. Which according to the definition of plagiarism, is in fact not plagiarism at all. So never mind.


Hello friends and random internet readers, and welcome to the 2013 edition of the now sixth annual Ultimate Music Megapost! Every year I view this post as the ultimate culmination of my hobby, where I pull together every Saturday morning spent pouring through music blogs, every long drive soundtracked to my current favorite songs, and every excited purchase of a new album. This year I have spent six months deployed to Afghanistan and two months in training (pictured above, is my studio at training), and while this reality may damage some hobbies, in some ways it has enhanced my music listening. Each year I highlight what I feel was the best music of that year in a broad range of categories and then open it up for what I hope will be spirited discussion since, let’s face it, music is one of the most subjective things out there, and something on this list will make you think I’m A COMPLETE IDIOT.

As with every year, I must start with a disclaimer. I’m a big fan of music but by no means is this a profession, which means that I don’t get free music sent to me by bands. This means primarily two things: 1) I haven’t heard EVERYTHING, though I venture to say I’ve heard quite a bit and 2) there are sometimes things that get released in the year prior that don’t make it to my collection until the next year, meaning don’t bother getting spun up letting me know that a song was released in November 2012, although I do try to avoid going too far back if I can help it. If the point is to highlight good new music to the casual fan, then I do not want to leave off a solid track. I also try not to get carried away with single bands, so even if I might feel like one album was so good it might justify having seven songs on the list, I’ll leave that commentary for the Best Albums section and diversify the Top 50. Almost every year there are albums where I could get carried away, so let’s just operate with the understanding that my top two albums this year each contributed at least three songs that would be in a more true Top 50.

As always, I welcome any and all commentary, both positive or negative. This is a massive project to undertake, and although I have fun with it and, let’s be honest, barely anyone reads it, it’s always nice to know that people are giving it a try. It would make my day to know that I helped someone find a new band that they love, and the only way I’ll know that is if you tell me.

Over the next few days and weeks I will be posting different categories, from albums to songs to lyrics. You can start below by clicking on the link. I hope you enjoy it!

Top Ten New Old Songs


  1. I'll be reading along, which is becoming an annual tradition in itself! Anyway, look forward to listening to the music you'll highlight.

  2. This is my favorite time of the year in The Past and The Pending land! Can't wait to get started reading.