Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Music Update: A Tasty Selection for Your Ears

Happy listening, my friends!

MuteMath is back, folks! Possibly the most underappreciated act in alternative rock and one of the best live acts in music is about to drop a new album, and this early release track is awesome.

MuteMath - "Used To"

Much like their debut album, CHVRCHES' newest effort is an album with some very high highs. My early favorite off the album is "Never Ending Circles", but a major shout out to "Leave a Trace", "Clearest Blue", and "Playing Dead" as well.

CHVRCHES - "Never Ending Circles"

I absolutely cannot get this next song out of my head. It's slow and simple and a bit haunting. It also includes one of the year's best lyrics when he drops the heartfelt line "There's one thing I'll do, if it ever goes wrong...I'll write you into all of my songs. "

Majical Cloudz - "Downtown"

Foals captured my attention a couple years back by releasing an album that flat rocked during the massive bedroom experimental explosion. They are back again, and "Knife in the Ocean" is worth giving a listen to.

Foals - "Knife in the Ocean"

Check out this new track from Kurt Vile. It's one of his best yet.

Kurt Vile - "Pretty Pimpin"

Lastly, Autre Ne Veut's followup to the album that brought us all-time-great "Play By Play" is a bit uneven, but that takes nothing away from the outstanding "Age of Transparency". Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Autre Ne Veut - "Age of Transparency"

Thanks for listening! Hope you found something to enjoy.