Monday, October 31, 2016

Recent Favorite Tracks, Hand Selected For You

Five songs of wonder, for your listening pleasure. Also, a picture of an ocelot.

Jimmy Eat World - "It Matters"

Bear's Den - "Red Earth and the Pouring Rain"

Bon Iver - "33 'God'"

Radio Dept - "These Things Were Bound to Happen"

Local Natives - "Past Lives"


  1. "Red Earth and the Pouring Rain" is a good catch, I'm adding it to my playlist!

    1. It actually has a shot at my top song right now. It will be top 5 for sure.

    2. By the way, I saw your farewell post. I have one of my own in draft. Seems that's the way a lot of these blogs are headed. Hard to write for 18 views even if I never had expectations it would be some big thing. I have a kid now and a job that takes up a ton of my time, and my peer group is mostly 30+ year old folks with the same. The interest just isn't there. Thanks for always sticking around though. I think you're the only blog that's every linked to mine in half a decade.

    3. Thanks for reading my post. It can be a sad to wave goodbye to a blog, but I hear ya about having other priorities when over 30. I think a lot of the interaction might have gradually shifted to specialized sites, letterboxd, reddit music, etc. I know of some who moved from blogspot to letterboxd because the community is bigger.
      Anyway, nice to have chatted with you over the years. All the best with your job and family life. I'm getting hits when I share playlists on my youtube channel, so maybe that's a way to get your picks out there! (Adblock Plus blocks all the youtube ads by the way)

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